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About Jessi

Hello, Beloveds,

I am so thrilled you stopped by! I am Jessi.

I get so excited when the  God of all creation chooses to reveal Himself to me. I long to encourage others by speaking and writing about it, in hopes that you too will look and see His hand in your lives. 


Here is a little bit about me, I live in South Carolina where my "handsome" A.K.A ~ Bobby is a Lead Pastor at a sweet church. He is my best friend and I am his biggest fan. I love our conversations that bring our hearts together and closer to God. We take each turn together trusting and holding on to what God has provided. He gets my lack of fear and still challenges me in what I might be holding back. We both long to keep that sense of awe and excitement in seeing the things that only the Lord can provide. He has led us on many adventures that have shaped our hearts and lives along the way. 

I am a mama to three sweet, kind-hearted,  adventurous boys. As I look at our family  I see the love God has for His people,  I long to share that with others. I hope to write more about the family and the family of God. It is a marvelous sight to know we are sons and daughters of the Highest King and all that entails. 

 I am learning to embrace each season as my favorite, embracing the difficult and joyous times of each.

Come along with me as I am finding what needs to be let go of and what has a lasting effect as seasons come and go.

Our family loves everything that goes along with the beach, as I grew up near the water, it is the best rest for our family and for my soul. I do love cozy fires, the excitement of Christmas, and the first fresh flowers of spring. 

I long to reveal Jesus to my boys first and watch their eyes and hearts see Him for themselves. And as I work through what this looks like I hope to share a few of these ways with you. 

At Salty, Sweet I try to combine the reality of the Truth of God's Word with the Grace given to walk as children of the Light. There seems to be a need to harmonize these two and I have learned that Jesus is the way to give that harmony to everyday hard issues and times of rejoicing.

Because Jesus is the fullness of Grace and Truth.

My passion for God's Word ushers into cultivating that same passion in others. Empowering women who want to know and love their Savior and God more. 

So, if you have that thirst and hunger to dig deeper in your relationship with Jesus and others,  stick around and taste and see that the Lord is good! Salty Sweet will be here for your soul and give practical ways to live in the fullness of Truth and Grace.

You can follow the seasons and my heart here at, where topics may range from everyday life to theology, children, being a friend, worship, my favorites, recipes and as I hope to dig deeper with you into God's word and find that restful balance.

Here's a way to be involved ~  

 Email me with your topics that we may dig deeper together or feel free to share your thoughts here as we grow together.

Also, sign-up for our monthly Newsletters as I share insider information, some of my favs right now, and a monthly word from my heart. 

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