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When Beauty becomes Power

When the beauty of God becomes a real belief in the power of God you no longer just see what God has done for you but what God can do through you.

When the beauty of the cross ushers in a realization of what power God holds we turn from just speaking about God to seeking others to know this God of Power. We believe in this power so confidently because we know the beauty it holds. Many will speak of the great things of the Lord but will many believe in the power of God to overcome anything in our lives? If we already know of His power to defeat death. Are not we believers in His power to take any hard situation, addiction, separation, or even uncertainty and make it into something beautiful.? This is when faith sees actions. This is when beauty has power. This is when we allow our ever-powerful God to create something from nothing.

Don’t you want that?

Let us not be just hearers of His powerful words but be doers in faith inorder to allow our powerful Godto take our lives and make it abundantly beautiful. To take our everything and not in our doing or power but in the power of an all mighty God to set the captives free and the blind see His power. He sent His son to display this beauty that meets power, who are we to Reject such an example of humility, courage, and surrendering.


I am set free by the power of the name of Jesus who came to set this captive free from any snares and traps the enemy has for me. And I am free indeed and it’s a beautiful, powerful thing. You can have this same powerful freedom it is a gift from the Father through His son to you! I pray you see His beauty and His power to overcome because they are ONE.

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