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What to say to God

As women we can be creatures of many words, but I ask you to think for a moment and ask yourself, What would I tell the Lord today? This morning as I talked to the Lord... I simply had nothing to say but, “I Love You, Lord.” •This simple statement makes a huge impact on our hearts. •What is it to love the Creator of Heaven, earth, and me? •The very Words of God tells us how to Love the One who is Love... John 14:15 tells us that if we love God we will keep His commands.

This is not in a way of pressure or a list of “have to’s” but I am convinced it is for the very fact that in doing so, it keeps us close to Him! And to love is to be close. Not always in physical presence but in open communion with one another as a husband and wife would be.

We keep certain “rules” to keep close,intimate trust with our spouses and we should protect our relationship with our God also.

To love is to know. To love is to lean in to know more. To love is to respect and protect that relationship at all cost and no sacrifice is too costly if we truly love. Marriage is not bondage but freedom to be fully known and fully loved.Also to know someone fully and love them completely. Love for God is not bondage but freedom to know that we are already fully known and fully loved. And we have the privilege to know and love Him completely in return. #itsachoice 

•I challenge us all today to read the book of 1John and let our hearts know Love and the freedom it holds for our heavy hearts.

•What is your heart carrying that seems so heavy? From experience it is something no one else knows but let me encourage you that God knows what it is and He wants what’s best for you because He loved you first. In all of His wisdom He knows that what He has put in place in His Word will lead you to what is best. 

That means He loves you right now, right where you are! And He only wants to draw you into a deep relationship with Him so you will walk boldly, in confidence of the beauty He created you to display. Come today and love so that you can Know Love like you have never know before!  


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