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Grace over perfection

Good morning, beloved~ I want to remind the one that is overwhelmed with her sin that grace is the gift given to the humble. To the one that feels as if her flaws shine brighter than her Light, You are redeemed and loved and that is your light. You can be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time. And those that have the true source of Love in their hearts will see your worth is far more than what your hands can accomplish. Those people are your people. Keep growing and going, beloved! Your Father in heaven knows you ~ the real you~ the you that He created and loves as much as he loves His only son. This love is not based on works, success, failure, or perfection. It comes from the source of Love ~ For God is Love. I had to remind my children that loved them before they could accomplish anything great or fail great. I reminded them that I loved them when all they could do is just breath and no grand act or failure changes my love for them. IN THIS FAMILY WE LOVE. That is it ~ period. No ands or ifs. Just love. Maybe you need to be reminded that You are loved. Period. Just loved. Maybe you need to be reminded that it is by grace we are saved not by our good works ~ so that no man may boast. We are all on the same leveling field ~ we are all loved. And in the kingdom of God there is no one better or worst but just loved and covered in grace. I believe this wholeheartedly to the very point that if we loved others the way God’s word commands we would give grace to the humble and oppose the proud ~ and we would know that it is the work of the Lord in and through people and rejoice over godliness and evil would flee where true words of encouragement were spoken boldly. Love others in grace and see God’s Spirit move powerfully. Watch God give grace to the humble and rejoice. This may make a difference in so the many lives that strive for perfection instead of grace. It may make a difference in how you treat others with grace instead of demanding perfection.   


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