Trust, confidence, our actions and our faith

Trust, confidence, our actions and our faith all need accountability. Let’s stop with the self-help, self-promoting, and shaming and find our confidence in the Words of our Savior ~ who is the Word and became flesh so that we may live. •The Lord is revealing so much of His goodness to my heart and mind & it looks nothing like my perspective or what the world accepts. ~ the Truth is• you are fearfully and wonderfully made! Trust that God has great things for you and in that be you! You only know how to be you. Take actions of trust that you are a beautiful creation made by the One who knows true beauty. ~the Truth is •Jesus had evil haters and still walked in confidence that honored God not backing down to what the World said He should have been. He knew He was a King but that His worth was found in the steps of obedience. God would place Him at the right hand of the throne when he turned the world upside down by His faith. May you find comfort as your faith grows in steps that may seem hopeless. May you see more of him as you put trust that the Word of God ~ our bibles~ is a living, breathing source of life worthy of our trust, obedience, and faith. That’s where we will find our grace and rest ~ where God is God and we are free to be who we are not trapped by the “American dream” or “status quo” but rich in mercy and grace because we are grounded in Truth even if others reject it. ~ I have experienced that it’s is the hardest to remain true to who you are in the face of rejection. •But God became flesh so that we would know The Way. And I am so very grateful for Jesus’ example~ the very place my heart finds peace in a world still turned upside down.


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