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Beloved, What you do Matters to so many, Here's why.

Whenever darkness is defeated with courageous Truth there is Light, gladness, joy, and honor.

~ Through the book of Esther, we know of a courageous woman and a confident man named Mordecai who risk their lives to save so many other lives. This is such an example to us as God calls us to lay down our lives so that we may live but also that many others may be saved.

As I read in Esther the 8th chapter this morning I stopped at this verse, "For the Jews, there was light and gladness and joy and honor."

This blessing of Light, gladness, joy, and honor came after a great risk and confidence in what the Lord had promised.

I believe that these two are needed to defeat the enemy even today.

We need confident people, people like Mordecai, who know the Word of God and confidently encourage others to live it out along with them. In this confidence, courage arises in the ones that are in places to defeat the enemy, not just for themselves but for so many others.

God is revealing what it takes to stand firm on the Rock and to boldly proclaim what you know to be true.

In this case, God granted everyone Light, gladness, joy, and honor when darkness was defeated with Truth. Without the same confidence in the Creator and Courage to risk it all we may never really attain these blessings.

We may search for them and never find light to light our path, gladness in the mornings, joy indescribable, and honor that is not our own.

I find it so interesting that "light" is mentioned in what the Jews experienced.

I have found that when I have gone against the enemy and I have seen the work only Jesus can do I receive more of the Light, the Way, and the Truth.

I have to believe this was for the Jews also as they witnessed the confident courage of two people that freed a whole nation from the darkness, they then saw more of Jesus.

What situation is God calling you to be that confident leader in? Maybe He's asking you to risk it all so that others may have Light, Gladness, Joy, and honor.

Whatever it is please know that what you do matters to so many and to paraphrase what Mordecai told Queen Esther ~ If you remain silent, God will deliver His people. The question is will you be a part of the victory or will you and your household perish?

Maybe, beloved, you have attained royalty for such a time as this?

So pick up your sword of Truth and be a shield to the many around you and may you both receive Light, gladness, joy, and honor. It's what we long for and it is waiting on the other side of confident obedience but it will take great courage to risk whatever it is that you fear you may lose.


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