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2019 Word

Here's to the first page of a 365 Page book ~

May you find His Truth to guide you and His grace to carry you through this year.

Each year I pick 1 word to find a focus to grow in and this year it is "Secure" As in safe, acquire, fix, obtain, firm, confident ~ these are all synonyms of the word secure. God's Truth calls us to find a secure place in Him through a love that leads to following Jesus with all obedience.

I am excited to see the Lord move in my heart and mind to reveal the strength He provides when I choose to be confidently secure in Him.

Last year, my word was ~ Steadfast ~ and my heart is strengthened by how the Lord used that reminder to reveal Himself in my life, problems, situations, and responsibilities. All which have demanded a sense of steadfastness that was not from my own strength. I hope to have been found in that strength but many times I failed terribly. But through the failures and the success stories, I learned so much about our heavenly Father and what it means to follow the example of Jesus. To follow Jesus as a wife, mama, daughter, and friend with a steadfastness takes a deep knowledge of Jesus and His Word. Not only knowing it but doing what He requires of us to be known as redeemed and a true disciple of the One we call Lord.

I encourage you to seek the Lord and see where He is leading you this coming year. Will you seek Him this year in an intentional way?

A lot of staring out the windows in thought and time spent praying needs to go into knowing where the Lord is leading, I pray that you will enjoy your Saviour as I do in knowing Jesus is for us and longs to give us more of Himself, so that we may live fully. Seek Him this year by focusing on one word that leads you closer to the Lord and more intentional in seeing where He is revealing Himself to you. Try it and see!

Share what your #onewordyear is that your zeal for the Lord ushers in?


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