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We are more than ....

We are not JUST mamas, Teachers, or Lawyers!

We are beloved daughters.

Beloveds, who know the person of Jesus intimately. Who takes seriously their theology because it shapes their worldview and how we see His glory.

Before we are labeled with anything else that explains the many hats we wear, we are disciples of Jesus. We have received His love, know His ways, and hopefully, have seen His power in our lives!

May we live in this and live in such a way that our children and others see for themselves Jesus by His love, ways, and power displayed in their own lives. For one day they will have to choose for themselves which God they will serve and I am convinced that they will not choose Jehovah without seeing for themselves redeeming Love and unending grace and the power they have.

May our love for Jesus and our love for our families outshine all this world has to offer! As 3 John 1:4 says and my heart echos, I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth. I have no greater joy because I have passed this joy to the ones I love and it is multiplied. Mama, take time to fall more and more in love with Jesus. This is an investment that will impact so many for good, change lives, and enrich your life. Be thankful for the season you are in and let that overflow to those that God has placed in your path. A grateful heart shines for all to see. Always, remembering how amazing it is that our God desires a personal walk with us. He knows and loves you just the way He created you. Be you! Be the you that so many of us need in our lives. As you find rest in knowing you are known and loved, you will overflow joy through thankfulness to so many that need to know that they are not trapped in being what they think they should be.

But free to be loved.

In that overflow gives life to our hearts and those who we serve. A woman that finds rest in who God is and how he created her to be loved is a joy to have around. Not only that but this makes room for the gospel to take root in so many hearts.

I can not pass along something that I do not attain myself. I want for others, my children, and their friends to find rest in Jesus. So, this evil world does not sweep them into a whirlwind of confusion and anxiety. Instead, they find a steady place and a secure relationship that they long for found in Jesus, the Creator.

This starts with trusting the Creator and the unique, one of a kind, exceptional person that He made in you and me to be!

This is Truth and grace that will be an anchor for our souls. When the winds of this world try to encompass us. We have this Anchor that is secure and steadfast. We can stop trying to figure it all out and know God is God and that is enough. We can sit with Him and pray for our husbands, our future husbands, our children, our families, and our friends. Would you today, find rest in the Truth and Grace of God and know Jesus is near to you? He has given you the gift of showing your children and those around you how great our God is, use it wisely.


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