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Joy and Gladness Made Full

May our joy be made full and your gladness May be of full measure, complete and overflowing!~ John 15:11 For we know that ~ ALL things are possible with God!~ Matt 19:26 I use to ponder what joy really is. I am not a giddy person or a person of fluff. I am excited about many things but excitement can be exhausting if it is required to stay when it is not truly felt. God has walked me through a deeper understanding of joy. I truly believe that joy is present even in hard trials. When we choose to have a steadfast faith in the one who created all things. We see He is able!

There have been times when I have had deep hurt and I could confidently say that my joy in God remained. I believe He has the power to work everything out for our good and His purpose.

For He is good!

Did I mourn loss? Yes! Did I let sadness rest awhile in my heart? Yes,it needed to be there to do the good work. God can and will do a good work in and through any situation, and our joy is found in His promises. We find joy in Jesus when all else seems lost because that is where our hope is found.

Beloved, to count it all joy in and out of seasons of hurt, uncertainty, or happiness is to be steadfast in our love for Jesus. Let your heart grieve. Let your heart be angered. Let your mind wonder. Let your soul be in anguish.

• But never forget~ But with God all goodness abounds. •But with God all things are possible.

This steadfastness is a secure place of Love. And in pleasant or difficult times we will praise His name for we know that is where our strength comes from. This is #Joy! There are moments I worship with hands held high for my heart is light and my mind is clear. But there are times I praise Him with open hands low, when I feel as if that is all I have to give. Have you been there? I have seen God use this obedience of praise in mighty ways! I have seen it bring gladness in its fullest measure while the challenges still weighed on my heart. This is freedom! This is joy! This is not an outward appearance but an inner heart that God sees even if others can’t. I pray you know this type of joy when your joy in people, things, and power fade. Because that false light will fade in the appearance of True Light. I pray your joy in the presence of the Savior brings an inward gladness called joy!


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