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But God... Salty, Sweet Study ~ Resurrection

This is Salty Truth & the Sweet Grace summed up in 2 #words !!

The resurrection is the ultimate stamp on the #butGod hope that we are able to have and give.

God reveals over and over to the Israelite's that this may look hopeless ~ But God parted the sea, moved them as one out of bondage, close the mouths of lions, and raised the righteous to where He was.They must ask God why.He then died.And what did they receive? They received more of Jesus! But this time it was so much more glorious! When death seem to win, BUT GOD raised Jesus from the dead!!! The first born of the living!!All seemed hopeless~ BUT GOD has power and He is not among the hopeless. He is among the living! Among those that have hope because they have received Him.Then Jesus comes on the scene and many follow, love and learn from this man of righteousness. But there comes a point where even after all of their following they must endure the cross. They must see the worst happening and feel hopeless.I rejoice in the upper room meeting of those who felt hopeless but sought what they did know. They sought each other and prayed for hope in this darkness.Many walked away and some stayed at His feet, bearing the cross with Him.So that others may die to sin and be among the living!

• You May have a story of hopelessness or you may be walking through it right now. God wants to reveal to your heart and mind that nothing is impossible with Him. He wants you to know that He is the All Almighty! The beginning and the end. That means He knows your hurt and He long’s to say to you as I want to say to you, Beloved, BUT GOD will make this good if you believe. He has the power you just have no idea what that will look like because it is not of this worlds understanding. The followers of Jesus could not understand but they believed. It is after we believe that we receive understanding. Not before. Let God resurrect your life. Let Him give the hope that a new Life gives to you today! So that you may share the moment God stepped in, when all seemed hopeless, But God worked in ways only He could! You will then rejoice to see His power to overcome.

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