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3 Ways to Encourage your Children, as they go Back to School

Hello Beloveds, I want to challenge you all, to be momma’s that are the encouraging force that draws your children to know who they are in Christ! This is for the home schooled, public school, private school and especially those in colleges! Each one of these scenarios has its own obstacles and choices our children have to face!

#1~ Pray for them in the morning 

Be on our knees for our children as they go back to school. They maybe choosing new friends or reconnecting with old friends. Either way, we need to be praying friends in and OUT of our children’s lives. Pray before school sometime, It doesn’t have to be a long prayer. This time, you take to pray over your children will encourage them to know that there is someone that cares for them enough to bring them to the throne of God.

I want to be a mom that prays my children through the day. So that they will be encouraged to stand for what is right. Also to be and do what’s pleasing to the Lord! Mommas, grandmommas, aunts, etc, be intentional about preparing your children to face everyday challenges. If your children are older send a small “prayer text” if they are not with you in the mornings. This small time of inviting God to be a part of their day can be a time at breakfast or a time driving to school used wisely.

The older my children get the more I have to let go. Oh, beloveds, that will bring this momma to her knees every day! Because it is the Lord we want our children to seek not just us! He is much better at protecting and guiding our sweet little one’s hearts. Not to mention, it is the Lord that can be with them always (as I can not).

#2 Remind them ~Who they are!

Remember WHO YOU ARE!

Who you are~

~You are a warrior in the Lords army~ No hurtful thing(sword) can come against you! ~You are an overcomer of any hurtful or wrong thing done to you ~You are brave and strong ~You are still  little but can make a big difference ~You are loved no matter what, let that give you the freedom to do what is right!

~You are a child of the Most Hig King!! Remember that!!

#3~ Remind them ~ Who’s they are!

Who’s you are ~ You are first and foremost made in the Lords image! Act like it ~ You are one of the redeemed and you can’t earn or discredit the grace that is bestowed on you through Christ ~ He paid a costly price for you to live in His presence and freedom ~ since you are His invite Him with you! ~You are His! He holds you in His hands, take Hold of His hand! ~ Lastly you are a ________________(insert your last name)~ you belong! You are not alone!

As you say these things to your children pray to yourself that they would know these truths as they may face lies and hard situations throughout the day~ I will admit it is weird at first, I do it on the car ride or when they are getting dressed Soon your children will respect and expect it! They will even recite them back to you as you might make it a game! 🙂 Make it fun also~ say it in a fun way ~ make knowing the truths of the Lord exciting!


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