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3 Ways to Keeping a Balance

There are times in my life that I have seen the Truths in God’s Word be pushed to the side in order to give grace to a situation. And I have seen grace pushed to the side in order to push the Truth on to someone.

Both are extremely hurtful.

I have been hurt by someone coming to me with an expectation and claiming it as truth and in reality, it was something that they just thought I should be doing. In most scenarios of these extremes, it is usually someone pushing on to another what they want to be done. And in that,  grace is almost never in the picture.

I have been the one also to stand on a truth that was not expressed in the grace that we have access to.

As we learned in the article Dynamic Duo that Truth and Grace are both the Character of God given to us to see who He is and to resemble His likeness to others in our lives, relationships and day to day activities.

3 ways to keep Truth and Grace balanced in our lives we must

1~Come to grace with a soft heart.

Grace is only seen as Grace when seen through a soft heart. Anger will never see the grace given as a gift paired with Truth.

2~Come to Truth with a humbleness that allows God to show you His ways to you that most often are not our ways.

Truth can only be seen through eyes that are humble. Pride will keep God’s truths at bay and distort any Truth with a little bit of a lie to make it comfortable to believe to the prideful. (Matt 4)

3~ Allow brokenness to be seen in your life

As we embrace that our brokenness we can see clearly the way the Lord can use our toughest, most heartbreaking and our most vulnerable situation to bring goodness and beauty that only He can provide.

We will then allow grace with truth to be spoken in love to direct your heart, to form your ways, and allows the promises of God to be fulfilled in your life which brings such glory and honor to our King!

So many times pride gets in the way of this step.

It would be healthy to ask ourselves in any given situation that may seem tough to ask,   “What pride is keeping me from the freedom that the Lord wants for me?”.

These ways are easily said but accomplished through a Love for the one who loves us so much that He wants to be known by you and to know you more.

We are all imperfect people longing to see good in our imperfections. And so often we have exactly what we need to reveal the good and yet we get stuck in the everyday routine and going about things as we think they should be and the Lord wants to reveal to us a way to see Him and walk with Him. If we would just stop and see through humble eyes.

Isn’t it amazing that the God that created the stars in the sky wants us to know Him and wants us to delight in His grace ~ the very essences of who He is?

When you take these two and balance them with the necessary elements to see them as they are you have a dynamic duo! We have a Christ-like attitude. That brings healing not hurt, beauty not ugliness, strength not cowardliness, it brings Jesus into the picture and lets His power work things that we can not accomplish with our human hands.

So beloveds, let us be women that

1~ Let truth humble us and grace soften our hearts when we want to walk pridefully and harden our hearts because we feel that is right.

3~ Let us then Act on truth and you will see the grace needed to accomplish this task that will bring us peace and understanding and shine a Light to others who need to desperately to see a way out.

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