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5 things my heart learned in 2 Floods

As I sit and listen to trucks and equipment take away my neighbors stuff that once was a part of their home. I am reminded again that it is not the stuff lost that we grieve, it is the heartache of our friends that have to plow through this time of restoring something that once brought such comfort~ their home!

In our sweet, little southern town of Windsor, NC, we have experienced 2 major floods in 2 weeks!

The First there was a sense of awe from everyone in the town the second was just a sense of unbelief. The first flood the sights were astonishing and everyone was talking about all of it with an assurance of rebuilding.

The second there was just a brokenness of disbelief that this was happening again but worst.

Let me share what my heart learned in this time of waiting for water to rise with an uncertainty of what damage it would do and in the waiting for the water to go down overwhelmed by the damage it has done and the work ahead.

  1. You never know how much Love and a longing for good you have for your town. The joy you would have when you can drive down the main street again. How driving down the middle of town would make you smile because you know the potential it has to be great among those that live here. Because Windsor is such a sweet town! I pray that the people still have perseverance and work to make it better than it was before!

2.       How I long for life to be simpler.  When you are surrounded by water on all sides you interact with neighbors that you once only waved to before. I hate the damage and the emotional stress a flood brings but I so enjoyed the “simple Life” in a small town for just a little while. Soon the streets will be open again and the kids will have to stay on our block for fear of traffic, but right now it is good to let them run all around this “island” because we know those on the island and they enjoy the no traffic for the children to be able to be children without fear.

3.           Now this one I knew but only was it ever so true. Pride keeps us from so many blessings, it keeps others from blessings also.

             Let me explain. When you go about life as if you are not  in need of anything, you miss the blessing of another serving you. Others miss the blessing they get from serving.  But when you are humbled by water coming in so quickly that you need every neighbor to help you in the middle of the night. Yes, this is not fun or pleasant but it is life and God intended for you not to live it alone!  It is just as much a  blessing to serve as it is to be served. But I personally  know it is so hard to swallow pride and be served. God’s Word says, ” And all of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” 1Peter 5:5 We as His hands and feet ( the church) are able to give grace and service to the humble and it should break our hearts when we can’t do the same because of pride. 

When that pride is put aside, blessings of closer relationships happen and memories are made. Embrace what you have been given in friendships and be blessed.

  1. Water Is POWERFUL!

If you could hear the rushing water, where there once was none; you would be in awe of something that man can not tame or control. When you wait for hours watching the water rise and can do nothing to stop it, you realize just how small you really are.  I see it no accident that water is a sustaining resource and also can come in an overwhelming amount and destroy everything in its path. We would rather the first than the latter. I have always have had a respect for water since I was a little girl. I grew up on the water, and enjoyed all that one could do on and in the ocean! But it is always a reminder that God is God and I am not! He calms the waves and tells the ocean how far to come. I am not capable of stopping the river from coming in my house or any of my neighbor’s house, destroying what they have built and worked for.

  1. We are meant for so much more than what this fast pace world is throwing at us!

I have a huge longing to slow down and sit on the front porch with my neighbors more often, not just when we are stuck on our island. I wish others felt the same. I wish more of us would embrace spending quality time together over pride or busyness. During these two floods, I talked to so many neighbors and so love the time sitting on my porch watching the cows chase the llamas down King St.{This really did happen} My family has shared meals on neighbors porches late in the evening after a hard days work. And made some great memories despite the devastation! 

I challenge you to seek what is good, Then you will have eyes to see God, For God is good

Come and sit awhile with me and let us talk about the great things our great God has done. Because we have so much to be thankful for and none of that busyness makes the list of what I am grateful for. What I am grateful for is my God, my family and you my friend! I will fix the tea or coffee and have it ready, Come on by! 

  ~ There is so much more I am leaving out, but this is what God showed my heart and some things I already knew. I already knew how my handsome is such a hardworking servant, who gives with so much love. And how My sweet boys follow in his footsteps. Also how our church body loves to serve this sweet town with desiring nothing in return.

~Please share your story or thoughts in comments below. I would love to hear your perspective on what our town is going through~ what you may be going through! 


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