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A Dynamic Duo ~ Truth & Grace


Truth Defined

Grace defined blue

Grace Defined

Truth and Grace can be defined many different ways and I would like to take a minute and look at what we are trying to balance in hopes to encourage our hearts to find rest in this balance, rest in Jesus.

Truth can be defined by our world, our environment, our culture and so much more but what we as believers in Jesus and His Word need to understand that truth is found in His Word because He is “the Way, the Truth and the Life. This reveals so much to us in our seeking of truth in our lives. Not only does the Word of God reveal to us the Truth that brings salvation~ the Gospel~ The Way~ but it reveals that God Himself gave us Himself in Word form ~Truth~ to bring us Life.

This is all exciting news and there is so much to dig into here and I will try to not overwhelm you and save some for later.

This salvation is not something we deserve ~ it is “favor” upon us! It is God bending, stooping down to us in kindness. And as He has done such a wonderful thing for us it should usher in His character that would now dwell within us to extend that same kindness and favor to others.

This truth should always bring about a soft heart that extends grace in every situation if allowed to by the Holy Spirit.

It is always good to seek a better understanding of truth and grace and this is just the place to do it and this is the beginning of what could be a lifelong study.

One of my favorite definitions of grace is the

Definition of grace
Merriam-Webster Logo

1a :unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctificationb :a virtue coming from Godc :a state of sanctification enjoyed through divine assistance

We will look into this more and I will share with you my Favorite Truth definition in another study but take a minute and connect these definitions ~

Truth ~ the very words, character, and essence of who God is


Grace ~ A virtue that comes from God himself, a virtue that is, looks like, and reveals who God is.

Can you see how these need and should be on the same straight, balanced line? They go together and not to be separated, for they are both the image of an incredible God who longs to reveal himself to us and work through us to make beautiful the everyday challenges that we need His guidance in.

Beloveds, when we find the balance of these two extraordinary gifts of God they are a world-changing, dynamic duo that brings God glory and our peace and rest.( I believe this duo goes hand and hand but so many times we separate them by going to human extremes and therefore lack in both gifts) This is all done by God if allowed by us. We can bring these gifts of Truth and Grace to those around us if we first understand and accept these gifts for ourselves.

Truth brings us the grace of Salvation and brings us into the Light where we no longer have to walk in the darkness of this world but by grace~ the very giving of Jesus through the Holy Spirit we can be Light to those who have no hope. We can find rest in knowing that it is the work and desire of God to be the truth in our lives and to give us grace when we need it the most. We do not have to rely on ourselves but dig deep into who He is and allow His truths to guide us in grace. This takes so much pressure off of trying to be someone we are not and trusting that God is God and He is faithful to give when we seek and ask.

Come along with me as we dig deeper into this exciting, life-giving balancing of Truth and Grace.

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Let your speech always be with grace(the gift of the character of God), as if seasoned with salt (the gift of preserving Truth), so that you will know how you should respond to each person. Col 4:6

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