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After the Ashes

“Mommy!!!! Dare’s dirt on you face!” She said, in her sweet, three year old language.

“It’s ashes baby. Can you tell me what shape it looks like?” I asked. “It’s a cross!” She exclaimed proudly.

We then talked about the meaning, who put it there, and why. We went on to say prayers, sing lullabies and off to sleep she went.

A new day dawned, a fresh face forward. I woke my sweet girl, just as I usually do. She opened her eyes and instead of “Hey Mommy” it was “Where is you cross?!?” She was burdened by the fact that she couldn’t see it anymore.

I smiled and explained it washed off. That now, I am supposed to live in a way that shows the cross is important to me, that shows that I love Jesus. I am to live with the reminder of the cross in my heart.

So, once again a simple conversation with my child reminded me of His mighty truths. It left me with these thoughts...

What happens after the ashes wear off? Is that cross then etched in our hearts?

Are we reaching out to others and looking up toward our Father in order to be living reminders of the cross?

Do our actions remain long after the ashes wash away?

Dear God,

Please help us to be your people.

Help our lives point to you.

Let this season be a time where we grow in understanding and walk in a closer relationship with you.

Let us have eyes to see your love.

Give us courage to question what we don’t understand.

Let us be burdened for those who don’t know of your cross and please use us to spread knowledge of you.

We love you.


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