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Be the one that Loves Gathering

I am convinced

I always love how each week the Sunday school lesson ties right in with what the Lord has been revealing to my heart during the week. This week was on friendship.

We had such Titus 2 women speaking to the class on what true friendship between women can look like. It takes work, forgiveness and can usher in so much healing of the brokenness that this world leaves us in. And not to mention a whole lot of laughs.

One of the key elements in the book of Luke describing the beginning of the Church was that they gathered often/ daily. One thing I believe this is the very thing that American church has gotten away from. We may come together once maybe twice a  week and yet wonder why we still fight the battles of feeling left out or not have the ability to forgive when hardships arise. It may be that we haven’t allowed the time to know one another’s hearts.

I love the Sunday mornings of worship when His people gather to worship His name. He speaks to my heart so loudly in those time. And I know it is because His people are together doing the same thing in one accord. I am not in any way saying to forsake this precious time. I am talking about the rest of the week. How stronger we would be as a people after His own heart if we did this very thing more.

As we close in on another season of baseball, the team has not done that good this year. The second to last game, I am in the dugout checking off who was there and was surprised to know that they were all there. This was the first time since the first game. Do you know what happened we played the best game of the season. The coaches and I realized that when the whole team shows up they work together and play a great game. They even won in the end with the whole team there to celebrate the victory.

Gather often and Love often ~ with all.

Work hard together and celebrate the victories together.

When one is missing all lose.

Because You Matter and Make others matter.

Be the Gather of His people and show Love.

Be the friend that gathers believers and unbelievers to show we love everyone. And not make dividers. Let love shine and Christ shared.

Go and make time when invited to get with His church and help it grow in grace, truth, and love. Don’t miss out on this blessing to gather with His people. Make an investment.

The Lord knew what we would need and designed the very thing that would bring fulfillment. Because in the gathering He is in their midst.

Because in the gathering He is in their midst.

I am convinced that If God’s people spent more time together, we have more chances to love and it would come more natural.  Just like a family…

So it may be a trip to the beach or just coffee with many tears and laughs. The thing is just be present.


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