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C O M P A R I S O N ~ Steals our joy for others

Can we chat about comparison for a minute?

The #saltyTruth is that we are to encourage one another and to rejoice with one another. Romans 12:15

The #sweetgrace is that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.

Romans 8:1

But so many times I find when I share His goodness people feel condemned. And my heart is for you to know that you can rejoice when someone shares the goodness of God without feeling like you have missed something.

This is how you can do this ~

1~ You set in your mind and heart that you will rejoice wherever the Lord’s Glory is being revealed.

2~ You remember that not everything has to do with you

3~ You seek to relate to the victory over the struggle.

This last one is where many get stuck and never move past the discouragement. 

This is how it goes, you hear someone share their excitement over something, let’s say, it has to do with parenting. 

And instead of encouraging that person with support and rejoicing with her we may share how that would never work for us. Or how we could never do that.

And at that moment you have sucked all the joy out of the room and made that person to less likely share next time. 

You have also made it about yourself when it wasn’t your story. 

I think when we talk about comparison we must also talk about 

S U P P O R T 

Support is encouragement. It not only rejoices but weeps with another. 

I have found that the church is lacking in so so many areas ~ people are lacking in so many areas because of the lack of committed support. 

There is so much in the scriptures that commands us to build one another up  (support one another) 

But too many times we are busy building support for our own kingdom or status. 

How can we support one another? 

How can we build each other up (1 Thessalonians 5:11) ? 

If Christ is our foundation and we are building upon that Rock why would we want another not to be supported? 

Because we are too busy comparing. 

Recently, I met some beloveds who understood this important concept among God’s people. And as they showed support despite their own shortcomings, they moved mountains that others had placed before His people. 

How could they do this? 

They were able to look past their own shortcomings and rejoice because they had a zeal for the Lord. A Zeal to see Jesus be revealed to everyone not just to themselves. 

They desired freedom over outcome. 

They saw conviction as a good thing to embrace. 

They longed for more of Jesus in their humility.


This brings me to the source of comparison and lack of support and that is pride. 

Pride makes things about us. 

Pride pushes people away that bring conviction. 

Pride builds walls instead of tearing them down. 

Pride says that is unreachable in my strength so I must be condemned. 


please set aside pride and rejoice despite your own shortcomings. 

Rejoice with others who find reasons to rejoice. 

Ask the Lord to help you be a grateful, supportive person and watch mountains move in your own life and the life of others. 

Have faith, little one. 

Seek to build upon the Rock that which is good by letting go of what is not. 

It all starts with a fervent Zeal for the Lord to be known and seen. And it is worth it! This will reveal a Salty, Sweet Kindness that gives Love to everyone.

Blessing beloved! 



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