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Christmas cards are a waste of money…

I use to think that Christmas cards were a waste of money. I use to think that they didn’t mean that much and not to mention all the effort it seemed to take. When you have to buy, organize who to send them to and with the fear of leaving someone out, and then to stand in the post office line to spend more money to send them all.

But then thanksgiving is over and what comes?

In the mail, there is that first one!!! The First Christmas Card!!!

Thank you to those sweet ones that get organized and mail out their cards early!

OH, How this makes our hearts smile to get that first Christmas card!! The Christmas season has been ushered in! It is not the stores that do that for us but the Love shared by those we hold dear and think of often! Then we would see our cards from 2 years ago on people’s fridges still and think we have some on our fridge also and how special that is!

I just love to get that first Christmas card each year!

I know you do too!

We didn’t send one last year ( so this is not a guilt you into sending one, you do what is best for your family as we have done also.)  We thought we wouldn’t send one this year until we talked one day on the way somewhere, about how much we love getting Christmas cards and what it must mean to others. That someone thought enough of us to go through the work of making and sending out some Christmas cheer! And then it happened I would go into people’s homes and see our 2-year-old card on their fridge still!

So we as a family have embraced this extra work to share that encouraging Christmas card that doesn’t just say look at our family that we love but also Look we Love you too and want you to know!

We have made it a family affair in the making of our card and who we should send one to and hopes that we don’t leave anyone out! (My worst fear)

Maybe, just maybe we might be that first Christmas card you get one day! (A girl can hope to be on top of things someday, can’t she! )

Merry Christmas and Enjoy those that you love most as we remember that Love came in the sweetest baby to bring Good News of Great JOY!


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