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Conviction and Character

Did I ever think that Donald Trump would be teaching my boys how having conviction and character are important? And yes, they are two different things!

Conviction is having a strong stance on something , A firmly held belief or opinion.

Character or I would use integrity as a better-suited word, is the quality of BEING honest and HAVING strong moral principles.

As you may see, integrity is the act of putting the strong convictions into action. Not just knowing what is right but doing it even when no one is looking.

As I try to explain the disappointment of who we as a nation have put before the people to vote for, it is not just because I want to put my vote to a believer in the One who can save your soul and direct our paths for good, I am also disappointed that neither candidate has   proven character of what is known as integrity someone who is honorable and just!

I along with other people~ believers and non-believers would like to vote for someone with integrity.

I try not to get into political debates for I know that there are such strong feelings about both but I pray that conviction would guide our next president into an honorable walk of integrity!



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