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Dutch Babies

I learned of “Dutch Babies” a long time ago in middle school. I had a couple of girlfriends and one taught us to make these on a summer day that we didn’t have much other to do than ride bikes and talk about boys.

They soon became a favorite of ours (and cheaper than using our money to order KFC ~ Yes, KFC did deliver at one time) when we were left to ourselves to eat.

After a few burns, I learned the easy art of making these delicious Dutch Babies!

I know for a fact that my girlfriend and I both still make these for our kids because they are simple to make. It wasn’t until recently that I found out that we may eat them slightly different but all the same they are good and easy. Add some syrup and powdered sugar, or just powdered sugar, maybe just some fruit and you have a warm breakfast quick. My boys have learned to make them now on their own and it makes me smile as I remember my friend and I making them on Saturdays together.

If you are wondering what they are like, my boys call them “funnel cakes in pancake form”. We are now up to making 2 batches each time. Each batch will make 4 ‘slices’ depending on what size and shape your cast iron pan is. The best thing is that it goes in the oven so you make it up and then place it in the oven and leave it to blow dry your hair and it’s done!



Set oven to 425

Grab your Cast Iron pan and place

1/4th of a stick of butter (I usually use a little less~ SHHH! Don’t tell my friend 🙂 )  in the pan and place in oven as it warms up it will melt butter.

Mix in a bowl

3/4 cup milk

3 eggs

3/4 cup of flour

( I use my small hand mixer ~ to make it easy and small clean up!)

After well-mixed~ pour into the pan in the oven and cook about 25 mins

( I tip the pan around a little to make sure the melted butter is coating the whole pan on the bottom)

That’s it!

Cut and serve with syrup and/or powdered sugar and anything else you may like!

Like I said this is a good and easy recipe to teach little ones to make on their own. ~ (YES, they even pull it out of the hot oven on their own, and have not received the slight burns I did growing up)

We like to cut up some strawberries and place on top, With a side of sausage or bacon and you have some happy kids!

The nice thing is I usually have these items in the house for a quick warm breakfast ~ Or lunch or dinner ~ We have been known to make these whenever! Enjoy!


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