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Find Rest...

”Goodnight baby girl. I love you. Stay in your bed tonight please. Mine is not made up yet. The sheets are still in the dryer. I’ll be right here if you need me.” I kissed her forehead and ran my fingers through her golden hair one more time before heading downstairs to fold the laundry.

When I came back up the steps, tired after a busy day, arms full of warm laundry, I stepped into my room and felt pure joy as my eyes found her.

There on the mattress, the mattress lacking linens or pillows, there she was. Laying smack dab in the middle of that big bed.  She had climbed into my bed all by her three year old self.

She brought with her the blanket she slept with each night. She didn’t have a pillow or sheets. This bed that wasn’t quite like it usually was, but that didn’t stop her.

You see, she knew where she was loved, where she was safe, and where open arms would hold her.  She found peace. She found rest. She brought with her what she had, a loved on blanket.  She didn’t need much, just to be in a place where she knew her mama would be. She experienced comfort and safety in laying where her parent would hold her close through the uncertainty of night.

In these days of uncertainty, I relate to this moment. Our churches, schools, and jobs aren’t quite “made up” the same way right now.  The linens of our lives aren’t perfectly smooth and straight. Sometimes they are just plain missing.

Some of us weren’t able to meet as we normally do in places of worship that we love.  We were told to stay in our homes.

It feels strange and many of us want to be in the churches we love so dearly. However, we are seeking to be with Him in other ways. We bring what we have, whether it be on social media, recorded by radio, or on websites. We try to be close to Him with what we have.  I like to think He smiles with joy as He watches His children find rest near Him, even if everything isn’t perfectly in place as we want it to be.

In times when uncertainty feels great and darkness creates fear, seek rest.  Find rest in the Father’s arms. Go to Him. He tells us I’ll be right here...His eyes see us trying to find His embrace by being faithful as His church.  

Thank you for BEING the church and not just going to church.

Thank you Lord for the way you hold us close in the dark of night. Thank you for the comfort, peace, and safety you provide. We pray for our world today! Please heal and protect with your mighty hands. We love you.



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