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I just love when the Holy Spirit reveals the unity only HE can provide! It is almost always out of acts of love.

Let me explain more, if I can, for this fall we have started a study together and we are taking a deeper look at what a “disciple” means in the sermon series at our sweet church, If you have stayed up on the study and the sermon series you will see how closely they are linked and WOW are they unified in truth!

This was not planned as some may have thought. These exciting “coincidences”  seem to happen a lot within our small church. {I do not believe in coincidences, but the unity of the Spirits work}

I Love how this  always encourages our hearts to know that the Spirit is speaking~ not us! Now it is up to us to listen and let what the Spirit is saying set deep in hearts and mold it to look more and more like our Jesus!

We have talked about how we do not feel “qualified” to disciple someone for the fact that maybe we haven’t been disciples ourselves. Or we have been a believer so long that it would take true humility to be discipled now. So instead we struggle through this walk~ instead for putting on humility and walking along side someone and having a teachable spirit.

Let me encourage you~ Everyone in every season needs someone to guide them further in their walk towards Christ! To encourage us to love our husbands correctly and to love our God passionately! Each season brings new challenges and heartaches if we think we do not need any encouragement we are being stunted by our own pride and missing some of the biggest blessings the family of God has to offer. And that is the unity of the Spirit~ that unity tells our hearts,  you are not alone and I(Christ) am holding you up by using the body to hold you close to me.

What do we do with what He is giving?

We walk in humility, always learning what is good from those around us. Even if it hurts our pride!

We follow Christ and do what He commanded and we are confident that as we follow Him, He will guide and make good out of our surrender of our time, pride, and strength.

We choose to KNOW Him not just Know OF Him!

We choose to make important those things that will last for eternity!

{ Knowing Him and HIs Word will last for eternity, so dig into His Word so you will know how to follow Him as you will soon say,”follow me as I follow Him!”}

In knowing Him and His Word, it will be an overflow of our hearts that speak truth to those we are around and make us disciples that can Confidently say, “follow me”!

Then be active in prayer! Pray for guidance and wisdom from the source that has all wisdom and power to guide you to the one you could glean from and the one who will glean from your obedience!

Then wait and look for that unity in the Spirit that will excite your heart and encourage your strength to obey with humility!

For humility draws and keeps us close to Jesus!

For you who are rocking at this, I say,  press on and pray for the fruit to grow strong!

#discipleship #HolySpirit


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