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Friday 13th, Harvest Moon, & Toddler Talks

So Friday was a rare occasion.  It was Friday the 13th and a harvest moon. It was certainly “the talk” as far as the kids were concerned. Even some adults had pretty high levels of superstition governing their day and night. 

My kids and I spent a couple hours in the car and the moon was certainly out in full force! It prompted questions... 

What is the harvest moon and why is it such a big deal? Is it scary? Is it bad? 

So, we did a little research.  According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the harvest moon is simply what it says - a full moon that occurs closest to Fall. It was called the Harvest Moon because it provided enough light to allow farmers to work on harvesting the crops longer in the day.  The rare part is the occurring of this moon on Friday the 13th which will require several more decades to recreate. 

As my older children and I were discussing this, my toddler piped in with utter excitement in her voice... “I can see the moon Mommy!!!!”  She was tickled that she could see this wonder that her older siblings and I were discussing. “It’s a bright light Mommy.”  Yes, my sweet girl it is super bright tonight. 

The conversation about Friday the 13th continued and my children, even at a young age, understood the negativity that surrounded the date. I attempted to explain there is good in every day if we look for it. We cannot let the simple number 13 steal our happiness when all of a sudden a tiny voice shrieked “I can’t see the moon anymore Mommy!!!”  It’s behind the trees I said, it’ll peek back out in a second, the trees are just blocking your view right now.

A few minutes later...”The moon is gone again, Mommy and it’s too dark!  I can’t see it!!!”  It’s behind the clouds baby girl.  It’s still there you just can’t see it right now.  The moon isn’t leaving you.  You just aren’t able to see it all the time because earthly things, like tall trees, get in the way. 

A few more minutes down the road...”Hey Mommy, can Pops see the moon?”  Yes darling, Pops sees the same moon. That moon shines everywhere all over the world, just at different times in some places.  There is just one moon and it lights up the darkness for everyone. 

 Then I stopped....there it was, through toddler talks...God was teaching me through the voice of a child, yet again. 

Our God is with us everywhere we go.  Sure, sometimes we cannot see Him because we let the things of this Earth block our view.  

Sometimes we miss the wonder of the light because of the societal negativity placed in our lives. 

 Does He not come to light up the darkness, to show us the way, to provide what we need as we attempt to make the harvest within our lives.  

 Does He not show up in the midst of superstition, hearsay, and false truths to say I am the way, the truth, and the light, follow me! 

 It’s so incredible to me how He, who placed the moon and the stars in the sky so many years ago, continues to teach all generations through them still today. 

Unlike the rarity of this astronomical occurrence on this specific day in time our God is present every day, all the time.  You don’t need anything special to see Him and experience the wonder of His glory other than a willing heart.  Just invite Him in. 

Dear God,

Thank your for your creation!  Thank you for the tiny voices that teach us each day.  Father, you are an incredible source of light that cannot be recreated.  Thank you for allowing our eyes to see glimpses of you in the world you made.  May you always shine a light in the midst of the darkness and lead us home.  Remove the earthly distractions that block you from our view. For those who don’t know you please work in hearts.  Please use our lives to be a source of light to others.  We love you.




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