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Glimpses of the Ark in Your Mission of Family

Traci Jaco stated this powerful truth: ...”My nine-year-old came to the realization that children who were not on the ark did not make it.  He looked at me with such a sad, questioning face. All I could say was their parents didn’t make sure they were on the ark. The weight of that statement is still weighing on me.  Of all the things I do for the kingdom of God, nothing is more important than making sure my children find a way to a relationship with Jesus.”

This triggered so many thoughts in my mind this morning...

In reading this, I began to pray for all of your families as well as my own.

We are in this together! Our places in life differ but, we are all attempting to reach the same final destination...the place our God has prepared for us - for ALL of us - as one family.

Yes, this life is still similar to what the ark must have been like with monkey moments as well as fear of the storm, unknown time schedules and plans. Times where the rain seems to continue to fall and sunlight is hard to find.

There are times met with elephant size resistance, tiger type anger, as well as timid mice moments.

We see times where the determination of the goat to go in the opposite direction of the herd have caused trouble to the point of head butting the very ones trying to care for them.

We see the times of adaptation like the color changing chameleon, the fun of the otter, the lazy float the day away times of the hippo.

Sometimes, there are moments of protection like the mama bear saving her cubs, the breaking of the normal societal expectations as the male penguin mothers the egg, the determination of the sea turtle to return home.

There are times when first flights of our winged friends take place, when the gregariousness of the sheep gives us peace, when the grace of the swan is necessary, when the image of cross the donkey carries on his back is also clearly seen upon ours.

I’m sure all these ark inhabitants provided chaotic moments too but, they got through and they made it to the place that was prepared for them.

He even sent a beautiful treasure and promise through the bow in the clouds. The prisms of color that can only take place when the rain of the storm and the light of the world combine.

So, no matter which moments you are facing currently, I pray God is protecting, guiding, and building your families today and always. May He and bless and keep you as He provides strength to continue His will in your mission of family. We love you! 💙

Thankful for this life and praying with you,


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