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Have We Invited Him?

As we start our day today, we are preparing tables that will be populated by students, educators, healthcare staff, government officials, clergy, church members, business professionals, hungry kiddos...

At these tables we will find fear, uncertainty, frustration, hurt, but also joy, laughter, smiles, and hope....

We will sit at these tables to teach, learn, brainstorm, assess, evaluate, and make decisions...

Today, we will be community, family around many different tables - many different tables, all ONE under GOD. Today we can be His church.

He prepared a place for all of us at His table - all are invited if they choose to come...

Have we invited Him to our table today?

Thankful for this life and praying with you as you ask Him to join you in the midst of your day - that He would be present across our world to guide, protect, and unite us. Let us be His church.

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