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He Believes In You!

This picture made a ton of memories run through my mind...This man may never understand the power of his words...

You see, his voice came with me around the track, not just in the easy races but, also in the hardest races I faced. I could hear him telling my legs they were strong, reminding me to push through, encouraging me to widen my stride and finish strong.

Mostly, I remember him calling my name. “Sissy, you can do this.” I knew, without even seeing him, that he was with me.

His voice met me when my lungs burned and my legs were numb, but hearing what he believed about me gave me a strength that I can’t explain. He believed in me.

The amazing thing is that it didn’t stop with me. He loves all of his children this way. He loves his grandchildren this way. He is invested in every athlete, troop, or person he coaches and he’s taught us all to do the same for others...

Remind people of their worth. Call out encouragement when they can’t seem to find it within themselves. Express your belief in their potential.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the last leg of the 2 mile relay, the uphill stretch of the cross country course, the rally on two your softball team is facing, or the last 2 minutes in the 4th quarter when your team is down by 12.

Maybe it’s a shut out in soccer, a final beam routine where the dismount is critical, or a cheerleading competition where you see him in the stands yelling the cheers with you. He does that not because he loves the cheer but, just because you’re his.

I am fortunate to have an earthy family who showed me how to love like this. I pray you do as well and that you’ll be this type of love to someone today.

We all have a Heavenly Father who loves His children no matter what race they run and He calls us His! He knows our names! We are famous in His eyes and you know what???

He believes in you!

Let us be reminders of this truth to others.

Thankful for this life & praying with you,



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