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I have two daughters. Both are very different. Both are very gifted in unique ways. Neither is perfect. Both are loved deeply.  I’m thankful for glimpses of these differences and I’m thankful to be their Mama. 

This past Saturday, we were blessed with a day on an island with great big sand dunes and lots of sunshine dancing in the salt air.  The girls climbed up the dunes and wanted to jump from them. 

My nine year old,  my gymnast, started doing more graceful leaps. My three year old tried to do whatever “Sissa” did....Key word = tried.

Needless to say, grace wasn’t what you would define her attempts with. No, she tripped the first time. The second time resembled more of a long jump which ended with a face plant into the sand. The third time, she landed on her feet following her frog style jump. As she landed, she stood up tall with a huge smile and her big sister and I clapped for her like she had just won a gold medal!   

Was it graceful? No. Was it perfect? No. 

Was it a child displaying dedication, determination, and facing a new task with courage? Yes. 

Was it a child trying something she didn’t know how to do exactly but giving it her all? Yes. 

As her parent, did I find fault in the imperfections? No. 

Did I compare the attempts between the two girls? No. 

I smiled. I felt joy. I saw both of my girls attempting a task in their own way, but equally full of heart.

 I think God, as our parent, views our attempts like this too. I think He smiles at our awkwardness but, is proud of the determination.

 I think He finds joy in seeing His children serve genuinely, from their heart, even if it’s not always perfect. 

He extends grace and sees past the imperfections. He is happy to see us try, helps us to stand and encourages us try again when we fall. 

So, whether it’s a graceful leap or more of an awkward looking frog jump, I believe, He sees you and smiles. Your attempts aren’t unnoticed.  

We know He looks upon his children with love and grace as they travel through this life and He doesn’t expect perfection.  

Let us be children who display dedication, who lift each other up and face new tasks with courage and determination.

Thankful for this life and praying with you, 


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