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Heavenly Composer

I watched the sun come up and fought  off sleepy eyes and an anxious stomach. I heard these words stream across the music station, “In the middle of the chaos you’re writing a symphony...” I instantly pictured my daughter, in piano lessons, attempting to learn the gift of music. 

Sometimes, on very rare occasions, when we come into practice early, we may stumble across her teacher practicing a piece from Mozart or Bach. In those moments my daughter turns quickly to me with her finger over her lips saying shhh! She stops mid step and time stands still. She listens to the way the notes fill the room and I know her mind is filled with dreams of one day being able to play something half as beautiful.

As she practices, in order to grow as a musician, she runs into hard lessons. There are times she struggles with the theory. Sometimes it’s more of a battle with the notes. She gets confused and her fingers don’t always go where she intends them to go. Hitting the wrong keys makes her feel like she’s failed. But, her teacher remains patient and encouraging.

I can’t help but think about life. You see, when we get glimpses of our heavenly teacher’s work we often wish that our lives could be something half as beautiful. We hit the wrong notes and we don’t always go where we intended to go. But the gift of truth is that the Beethoven of our lives remains faithful and patient.  

The sweet piece of music we are attempting to create doesn’t always come out as we intended. The sharps and the flats generate confusion just as the highs and lows in life do. But, the teacher never leaves. He guides us as He continues to write a symphony in the midst of the chaos. You see, He is not only the teacher but, also the composer and He knows how beautiful the final piece is going to be. 

So with a spirit of gratefulness let us thank Him!!! 


During this Thanksgiving week please hear our praises!!! We are thankful you know the plans you have for us. We are grateful your ears find joy in the multiple genres of music found in the symphonies of our lives. You hear every note from the hard rock days to sweet lullaby nights to classical creations penned years ago. 

Thank you for being our Heavenly composer and creating beautiful works from our lives. We know you hear us when we miss the notes or hit the wrong keys.  We are forever in debt to you as your forgiveness and mercy are sung back to us from the solo on the cross. Thank you Jesus. 

May the songs of our lives glorify you this Thanksgiving and always. ~Amen 


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