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Hello 2017

Part 2~ New Years

Hello 2017!!!

What excitement you hold!

We all make new starts or changes when the New Year comes around. I believe it is a good time to examine and seek to honor or Saviour in more powerful ways!

To take up or lay something down or maybe both! So that we may run the race before us with endurance, remembering the prize at hand!

I have been thinking a lot of what I feel the Lord is leading me to these days ahead. I will be sharing 2 things with you!

Number 1~

My handsome and I have talked about how we want to take the time to teach our children things. This takes time and the ability to do it. Be intentional in not just telling them what we are doing but giving them an important part of whatever it is!

We realize that when we go quickly to accomplish a task we all are frustrated and confused as to what we are accomplishing.

So we are intentionally taking the time to teach what needs to be taught and allowing our children to do the task that they are able to do~ even if it takes a lot more time, or if its not done ‘the way we would have done it’!

This could be as easy as cooking dinner to as big as building something. This also allows us to show them the Lord in our lives as an active role in our hearts and actions.

We have seen how this simple, intentional act builds their confidence and also shows them so much about grace and patience.

This does not mean that they will know everything there is to know about everything we do~ What it means is they will see their responsibility in what and how their daddy is leading our family!

We made a promise to each other when we had our first child to enjoy our blessing and not let time and busyness take what is our responsibility to enjoy. To teach our children! Teach them so much, from riding a bike, to swimming, to praying! We didn’t get instructors to do the jobs we wanted to enjoy teaching! This was and is our heart for our children!

We find ourselves in a new season as our children are a little older and able to do so much on their own. We pray we encourage that spirit of independence and hard work. As we also nurture their hearts to see how much they need THEIR Saviour in all the work they do!

May they see that this journey is not made solo but with the blessing of His Spirit to guide and Help along, with family to hold you up when you may fail or need anything!

So pray for us as we nurture time~ may it be a time that makes an impact in our family and also may reach the world for Christ!

As I will be praying for you all to find what God is calling your heart to do, to make your family be a light for what Christ intended His family to look like! ~ This intentional teaching of our children may one day show them what discipleship looks like!

~Number 2 in Part 2


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