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HIS POWER > the weight of our worry

We sat in the den looking out at the sound on one side of the house and the ocean on the other.

Wow…it was sheer beauty.  What a creation! What a privilege to get to lay eyes upon it.

As the sun became covered with clouds and the wind rolled in, the temperature dropped suddenly. The sea oats, who once stood proudly on the dunes, seemed to bow down in response to the power of the wind. 

A once calm, clear, ocean that gently kissed the shore turned into a choppy, white capped danger zone that thundered against the beach.  It only took wind and a matter of minutes for it all to change for as far as the eye could see.


What strength that must require!

I thought to myself, I know how heavy water is!   I struggle carrying two five gallon buckets full of water and I spill half of it as I hobble along under it’s weight.

As I look out into the vast Atlantic, water is all I see…I question, how many 5 gallon buckets does it take to fill our “ocean”!?!? How much strength must be required to move something of that weight? Look at how fast it changed! What strength and power our God has and not a drop is wasted!!!  

Can He not do this with the heaviness we carry? Can He not help us as we hobble along under the weight of the burdens we carry? Do we ask Him to?

We don’t understand His timing y’all.  We certainly don’t understand His strength.  We can’t reproduce it or truly appreciate it.  But, we can see glimpses of it! 

 It is referenced in His word that the mountains will melt in His presence…the valleys will split!  He works through our world and our world testifies for His glory!!!

Aren’t you thankful for the snapshots of Him??? Aren’t you able to celebrate because He allows us to cast all our burdens on Him! He is mighty enough to save us from them. 

Max Lucado said “Nature is God’s first missionary.”  How incredibly true.  Nature preaches where there are no words. The world praises where there is no song. The beauty of the earth needs no translator for it defeats ALL language barriers!   Creation reaches for and embraces all!!! 

He reminds us daily that He walks with us. He leads us through. He has the power and love to beat anything we will ever face, no matter how heavy it seems at the time. 

Let us Pray…

Dear God,

WOW!  Thank you! As you use your world to proclaim your Glory, open our eyes to it!  Help us to see you in all things. Help us to respect your power, your majesty, and your unending presence in the world around us.  We pray for open hearts to receive these messages, for eyes willing to notice them, and for the ability to stop and above all, notice YOU. Thank you for the power and the strength you use daily in our lives. We love you. 

– Amen


This morning’s praise and worship went right along with this!!

So glad He uses music to teach and grateful for those who share this gift!

“Filled with wonder awestruck wonder

At the mention of Your name

Jesus Your name is power,

breath and living water

Such a marvelous mystery”

- Kari Jobe -Revelation Song



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