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How Did You Spend Your “Today”...?

An earthly life came to a sudden halt. A soul was called home, in a matter of moments.  No warning, no clues, but final...

Today, as we gathered at the funeral home, we felt the sting of Covid-19. We experienced grieving in a different way.

For today wasn’t a day full of hugs. Today, wasn’t a day where family and friends gathered for a meal.

Today, our family didn’t get to be “us” the way we typically are.

Today, we weren’t able to physically lean on one another or wipe tear stained faces.

Today, began with a cold truth hanging over it...Covid even affects the ability to grieve death.

However, the enemy didn’t win. Today, we celebrated a life!

Today, we saw respect for our family.

Today, people stood along the roadside where the processional traveled just to say you are not alone. They didn’t even have to speak, their presence was felt.

Today, a town came together and honored one of their own. Community workers and first responders took time to say you are not forgotten. They stood tall and were strength.

Today, a bell was rung. Today, voices still sang! Today, prayers were still offered!

Today, memories were passed down and the warm sun shined upon us. Today, we still had each other.

Today, we found peace in the promise of heaven.

Today, our flag flew high...

As we rounded the corner into the cemetery a huge flag was suspended between two ladders on the fire trucks. This was love in action - a sweet act of kindness to a hurting family - an unexpected gift on an unexpected day - a powerful sight - a sight that says we are still ONE, under God.

So, I ask you this...How did you spend your “today”...?

Did you make a memory?

Did you love on the hurting?

Did you honor your Father?

...Were you present...?

Time is precious....Praying you cherish the moments, look for the joy, and hold tight to memories as you walk into tomorrow with the ability to be love and share this life with those around you.

Thankful for this life and praying with you, Kristin

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