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How Was It For Mary?

How Was It For Mary?

She lays in my lap and I hate to move peaceful in sleep. Before she drifted off, she begged to watch “the Christmas movie.”

After all we had been through with Maundy Thursday Service and knowing what tomorrow holds, it seemed so strange to go to a movie about Christmas...but, it made me think...a lot...and it made me wonder...

How was this time for Mary?

We celebrated his birth, welcomed him, and now....our sweet baby Jesus takes steps towards the cross....

That sweet baby in the manger reminded us tonight that his body will be broken for us...

His blood will be shed for us...

The light of the world will endure darkness...for us.

The one who came to save us will prove faithful...

The one who was celebrated in a wooden manger will be betrayed and shunned as he is made to carry a wooden cross...

As we go through this journey to Easter, may we share the heart of Mary. A caring mama, who doesn’t understand all the details of the world around her but loves her son. She loves him as both the Lord of the manger and of Lord of the cross.

Dear Father,

I simply thank you. You sent Him..for us.

Help us to be more like Mary... Let us ponder but....give us willing hearts.

Let us never forget Christmas but....remind us to treasure the gift he gave us not only in the manger but...also through the cross.

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