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If we want our children to follow Jesus keep them Pure

As we are driving in the car,  I turn the station, ” Why, momma, did you change that?” asked my oldest. I answer, “Be careful, little ears what you hear!” He knows right away what that means. We then continue to discuss why it was a song that did not edify our hearts or minds.

Am I legalistic about every song ever, NO! But I hope we all know that 10-year-old boys ears have no need to listen to “Strip it down”.


If we want our children to see God at work in their own lives, keep them pure! Use your parental skills to keep them away from the dark things of this world, things that have them going places they should never go as children.

I am a girl that does not do scary things! Nothing gory or anything of that sorts. I have only watched one “scary” movie ever in my whole life. And I could not tell you what it was because I spent most of the time with my head under a pillow and then couldn’t sleep for days! ~ Thanks again, friend whole told me it wasn’t “scary” ~ that was furthest from the truth!

In the category of scary movies, that comes easy for me. But what about walking through some stores at the mall, or music that is telling our children that drinking and sleeping around hurts no one.

These things take a little more foreknowledge of what is good and what is not. Therefore as a parent, you have to already have some conviction in order to pass it down to your children. Not directing our children in a way that is pleasing to God and to you as a parent leaves them wondering and exploring areas to see if it will bring some satisfaction. The truth is we are their parents and we are to guide and protect them from things that only leave them hurt or broken.

I truly believe that music is so powerful. How is it that we can remember a tune to a song we heard 20 years ago yet can not remember a bible passage unless it is put into a tune. Music sticks with you! It kills my kids that their momma knows every word to almost every song we listen to. Why is that, because Music speaks to our hearts and our minds attain the tune forever. Have you ever had a song in your head and couldn’t stop singing it? This is how we were made.

I say all this to say, be careful little ears what you hear! Watch what your children watch on t.v. or what snap chat pics they are getting. You can never undo what you see or hear.

I know that the Lord wired us this way for a reason if we set our minds to things that are true, honorable, right, holy, lovely, what is of good repute, and anything praiseworthy, we may just find that following after the Lord is a little bit easier, maybe even more enjoyable. This is my prayer for my children that they find protecting their eyes, ears, minds, and hearts as a valuable tool to staying close to the Lord and walking in integrity.

I challenge you momma’s to seek what is pure and may you find the Peace of God is with you!

I challenge you daddy’s to set a standard for your children to follow. Let them walk beside you and teach them as you go. This will give them what they need to keep their ways pure. There you will find a peace in that you have given them the tools to push back the darkness and seek after God for themselves!

Phillippians 4


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