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It Takes A Village

It’s turkey season in North Carolina and I have a little boy who loves to hunt.

 My son and his grandfather were off on another grand adventure. They pulled out of the driveway about 5:15 am to head out into the woods.

Faithfully, his best friend, who just happens to be known as “Pops”, makes time to get up before the sun just to take him out, in hopes of calling a “great big gobbler” in...

It’s about far more than the hunt...

My son is learning the woods, watching it wake up. He is seeing how the light touches the trees, how the birds sing. He has learned just how loud a buck is when he grunts, can identify the barks of squirrels, and knows that snakes are dangerously silent.  He is beginning to understand how the forest talks and he is learning, out in God’s creation.

Not only that, he is learning about life. He is learning to be patient, learning the hard truth that you don’t always succeed the first time. You learn, you grow from it, and try harder the next time.

All of these teachings are critical life lessons.

The best gift of all of this is that he is being loved...

A relationship is being strengthened and a trust is formed, all because a grown up took the time to sit with and invest in a child.

A different, but powerful type of teaching is taking place.

He is being taught in the midst of nature, outside, with examples he can see and understand.

This reminds me of some of the ways Jesus taught. He taught with love, walked beside the people, out in their world, and age didn’t matter.

As a mama, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing someone love your child, witnessing someone teach your child. This is just one example of that kind of moment in my life. So many people have poured into my munchkins. For that I’m so very grateful.

It takes a village and I’m blessed by mine.

Just as we must be flexible at times, learn to adapt and grow with changes, my son is being taught to look for the positive in situations where things didn’t go exactly as planned...

As he came home today, I met him in the driveway. All dressed in camo, gun on his shoulder, without a bird, but with a smile...

Reluctantly I asked, “So, Landon...Did you get one today?”

”No ma’am but...We did get a chicken!!!...Stopped by Bojangles!!!!!” He said proudly with his head high.

He wasn’t defeated today.

He got to make a memory, had a good breakfast with a man who hung the moon, and has a plan for “next time.”

I hope you take time to see the good, invest in a child, thank someone who has invested in you, smile a little, get outside, and learn amidst God’s creation today!

Thankful for This Life & Praying With You,



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