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Kindness in its fullest shows no Favoritism

“My brethren, do not hold your faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ with an attitude of personal favoritism.”

‭‭JAMES‬ ‭2:1‬ ‭

If the gospel, encouragement, and support from you or the church are not universal than it’s not the gospel, it’s not pure encouragement, and it does not support.

It’s favoritism.

Thankfully~ I have seen the the people of God, knowing the power of Jesus, offer good news to every person that comes in their path.

I have seen the people of God, through the power of God reveal kindness to the masses.

Without compromising Truth and Grace.

I have witnessed the giving of compliments to support like-minded people who do things completely differently.

In hopes to further the gospel.

I have seen people who treat others ~ everyone is our neighbor ~ as better than themselves.

I have seen people offer kindness before and after a disagreement because they love people.

I have seen God's people share their faith with strangers and neighbors because of their love for people.

I have been encouraged by the church as they offer their homes, possessions, and time to complete strangers expecting nothing in return.

~ Sadly, I have seen the opposite also. That’s where my heart breaks.

You may have seen it also.

The time when someone wasn’t treated the same because they were new or different.

Or the person who only supports those that they have an interest in and rejects all others.

Or the rudeness of someone to those they disagree with because of a lack of understanding.

See true kindness goes past just courtesy.

It’s a work of the Holy Spirit within Gods people. It’s an overflow to all people and creation.

Because the Spirit shows no partiality. God is calling His people to be a family. (I could go on and on about this Salty, Sweet gift!)

It’s a perspective that everyone could be your family. Accepting them as so ushers in kindness.


I find myself praying for the person at the gas stations ⛽️, at the store checkout, and the one walking in front of me. I long to love other people’s children as I love mine. This leads me to be kind.

I do not have it all right all the time but I truly believe kindness is just the beginning of what God is calling us to.

Kindness to all.

Kindness goes deep.

It cost us something.

It is a choice.


In chapter 2 of the book of James God warns us against such favoritism.

It’s worth the read.

This means you hug the person of a different skin type as you would your friend.

It means you stay a while and chat with the one you disagree with.

It means you offer what you have to the person you do not know if they are in need.

It means your heart breaks over sin and injustice. But you hope it’s not found in you.

It means you encourage with celebration 🎉 and offer support to the one who is doing things differently than you would.

It means you lift up the underdog with such fierce loyalty.

It means you don’t gossip but interrupt it by making no one the outcast.

It means you live in a state of kindness to everyone and reveal Love to all who will see it as so.

This is a big order and will take support, accountability, and comrades who are fighting the good fight alongside you.

Always remembering its who you are not how you are perceived.

God has given you all you need in its fullness to


It may just change the your world and the world around you.


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