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Kindness over Justifying

We have a saying in our home ~ “Kindness over ____!” And we fill in the blank with what is going on at that very moment.

•It is important to remember that our God is bigger than what’s right in front of us and he has given us all we need to show Love. •Kindness can soften the hardest hearts because it is the fruit of the Spirit. Galatians 5 ~ God’s Word says we will know they are one of us by their fruit.

•Reminding ourselves that kindness is an option, by reminding our family that we can choose kindness over anger, jealousy, strife, being right, and anything else that we may use to justify a harsh word, complaint, or even an evil glance.

Beloveds, we have the power to be different. We have the option to be Kind. We just have to choose it.

•Kindness means leaning in and embracing another’s heart and not walking away. Kindness is reaching out to those you disagree with and still choosing to treat them like a person made in the image of God. Kindness is listening when we want to speak. Kindness is not demanding what you want but encouraging godliness.

Kindness is always loving others more than yourself. Kindness is the Spirits work in and through us.

Kindness is the key to speaking Truth IN love.

Kindness is Love in action~ because after all Love is an action.

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