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Out With the old & In with the New

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As we put away Christmas gifts we sometimes throw out the old and replace it with a new, shinier version. This year it was my coffee pot. I received the mack daddy of coffee makers and oh was it glorious! I couldn’t wait to set it up and share what deliciousness it made for everyone. I tell you, the makers had thought of everything and how to make it convenient and easy to use and to make life smoother! So I set my old one aside to give away and found my delight in this new, shiny, fancy machine that was going to make my coffee experience and anyone who would join me for a cup, a time to enjoy!

As I replaced my old one I begin to think of how there was nothing really wrong with my old one but it lacked in knowledge of what I “needed”.

And that made me think of life and how sometimes we keep what we have because we do not know the other option. The option to be MADE new and to be more useful. To take off what seemed to be good and put on what is great!

So many times we go through life with a plan without ever asking the Lord what He~ the Creator~ would want for us. Maybe he wants to replace what you think is good and give you a gift that He knows what you need even though you haven’t even realized you needed it yet.

There is a gift that outshines a new coffee maker and that is the gift of Salvation.

This gift is the Creator who hasn’t just thought of everything but knows everything.

This gift is a gift that takes your old self and says,”I know you and I love you and I can make you new!”

As I am often reminded this gift has to be accepted daily with humility. And when done so you will see your heart of stone turn soft and that is all an act of forgiveness.

Forgiveness of your sins by realizing you can do nothing but to accept Jesus as God’s Son who died and rose from the grave to give us new life.

So this January may you reflect on His beauty shining in your life as you look back or may you know that this coming year could be different.You could let go of the old way of life and walk in grace and forgiveness. You will shine brighter than any new machine. That the old self has been forgiven and a new beginning, one that produces such beautiful fruit, is available. Fruit that you will want to share with everyone that comes your way. Love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, self-control will be what flows from your heart.

I challenge us all to walk humbly with our God who restores and makes beauty from broken things. This humility allows Him to restore and reveal His beauty in His creation, and that is You!


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