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Pivoting is hard


Let's face it! Pivoting is HARD!!

Please say you have seen this episode!?

If not, go search for it and watch it as you will laugh till you pee your pants over how you can so relate!

It seems right now that all the world is demanding you and me to PIVOT!

We are all trying to navigate this season well and it's so very hard for so many.

The disappointments, the schedule changes, the kids home all day, the social distancing, the grocery store, the weight of concern, and the hard ways we must love from a distance these days.

It can be so very hard to pivot.

We all have to shift direction and try a different angle these days and that takes so much time to figure it all out.

  • How do we do that well?

  • How do we do it and not lose our minds?

  • How do love people from a distance?

  • How do we show concern for those that are in the thick of it all?

  • How do we do this?

We show up, we support, we encourage, we pray!

We show up even if it's via FB live, or zoom, or facetime.

We call and check on people and not just text.

We show up in their lives even from a distance.


We show up by being there for those in your home.

We make home the very best place to be.

If you are like me that can be hard to do when you are always surrounded and you need a little space. But take the space and find joy to share.


We encourage where we are. We Salty Sweet Sisters show the word the truth that there is always goodness and something to be thankful for. We sit awhile with our Jesus so that we can have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying and doing. We look for goodness in unexpected places and new avenues. For me, it has been seeing families walking together in the evening and having dinner at home together. It's been in seeing how so many have pivoted and are making an impact for the kingdom of God.


We pray.

We continue to pray. We intercede for the world that is perishing. Because we know where help comes from.

We use this time to pray for our families as we have never done before. We pray with our family for things that matter.

We pray with those that need strength via phone or video. We Salty Sweet sisters know this is our privilege.


I want to encourage you today that you are not alone we are all finding a new way. A way that might be better than what we have ever known. A way that impacts our world, our homes, and our hearts.

God is above it all and is calling us to pivot to find our place in this world is a little different than we expected. He knows what we need and we must trust and walk as children of Light today and every day. This obedience has always cost us, believers, something and right now it is in costing some of us a lot more than we thought we'd have to give up.

But keep seeking to see the King and you will find the promises that give you faith, hope, and love.

May you Pivot well through this season to find what matters most is right in front of you! Now, just because the sofa doesn't get to its final destination does not mean you will not. I pray you to have just as many laughs along the way. You have all you need to succeed in this season even when you feel like you are failing at every turn.

We need you, His church, and our families to be stronger through this and come out on the other side better off than before!

Blessings beloved!


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