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She Walks In Freedom

We sat on the boat, sunshine upon us, wind in our face, breathing in the salt air. There was an excitement in the eyes of the children.  We were off on an adventure to an island, an unknown environment scattered with conch shell treasures and sand dollar gems. We were headed out into God’s, untouched by human, creation.

 As I looked out into the wild blue waves, the cold sea spray on my skin seemed to awaken a very somber but, necessary thought.  

 I imagined them, our heroes, on ships heading out into the unknown to defend and protect. They go into places scattered with land mines and enemies. They breathe in the smells of burning oil wells and warfare. 

My heart wrestled with the question... How many men and women have boarded boats to head off to unknown environments, foreign beaches, and lands stricken with hate? 

How many selfless, dedicated, men and women of the armed forces endure such so that I can take my children out like this today? 

How many men and women ride in cargo nets on KC-10s for hours upon hours to foreign lands to defend what I am guilty of taking for granted? 

How many mamas, daddys, sisters, brothers, leave their biological families to walk into a family of soldiers who know there is no room for loss in a time of war. They know loyalty is a must and teamwork is critical. 

Can you imagine the pressure they carry - the burden they must feel? Because of their love, bravery and courage we are free. We are free to walk our own paths in peace.

I watched my daughter walk safely, without a care in the world. She walks in freedom because of the brave. As I fought back tears of thankfulness, I lifted up prayers for the sacrificial love of our soldiers and their Savior - both of which face worlds against them, trials, and warfare - both of which left their homes to be sent out to make a difference, both of which continue to triumph and overcome! 

Today we hear waves crashing in the background not bombs. 

Today we have the freedom to worship. We are not forced to do so in secret.

Today we have the ability to vote and we have a voice. We are not under the rule of dictatorship. 

As we enjoy these freedoms, let us not forget the families.

So many families did not welcome their hero home in person but, through a folded flag. 

To those families, I ask your forgiveness for the times I’ve taken my freedoms for granted. I thank you for your soldier’s sacrifice so that my children can remain free and I pray that your soldier is safe at home in the arms of our Savior. May you find some peace in knowing they are not forgotten and that we give thanks for your hero. 

Thankful for This Life & Praying With You,



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