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Simply Good Guacamole ~ This Momma’s Go to snack

Simply Good  Guacamole 

My middle son, Simeon, said yesterday, “Momma likes avocados, like bacon”~ We love some bacon in the Strother home!

And I love avocados in my fridge!  I will throw a slice or two on a sandwich or add to a salad. I would seriously put avocados on basically anything.

It is my go to snack or lunch to whip up some simply good guacamole dip. *Don’t hear that I eat this healthy all the time~ Because my other “go-to snack” is cheese fries~ Confession~ I just may ‘go-to’ those more. *

I started this section of the blog to share recipes that I enjoy sharing around the table and to invite you to gather with family, friends, and good food. It only takes a little effort and planning.

I love to cook elaborate at times but find it is the go-to simple recipes that you would like more in your life. And if you are anything like me, sometimes you just do not think about the different things you can make.

I invite you to come to the table with me and let me share with you simple, good tried recipes that hopefully your family will enjoy.

In this planning and pursuit to make delicious meals simply, I am seriously cursed with the~ “I am missing___1___ ingredient to put this meal together”

You can ask any employee in our small town grocery store,  I find myself sharing with them my frustrationoften,  as I come in to get that one thing and end up spending $100. And they always laugh at me with big eyes, as if to say, ‘you should have stuck with the one thing.’

But my practical side says, ‘While I am here, I might as well get what I think I might need to feed my ever hungry boys.’~ Knowing full well that I will be back tomorrow to get one more thing, the one ingredient I need.

Have you been cursed with this dilemma also? Or is it just me?

Ok, back to guacamole…. I love this recipe because I can say that I usually have these simple ingredients in my fridge. And so this makes me happy to not have to go to the store.

Here it is:

Yummy Guacamole:


2 avocados ( you can do less or more depending on how many you are feeding)

1 Roma tomato ( again I use what I have, but these hold up the best in the stirring)

1/2 of an onion chopped (I use my chopper to make it finer ~ But not too fine. Big chunks take over the taste so use little and make it little)

A few shakes of chili powder ( I know I don’t measure, sorry)

1 lime 


  1. Cut avocado in half and pull out giant seed on the inside (best with a spoon~ sometimes I can just pull it out) scoop out the yummy avocado into a bowl. I then slice it some before I mush it up a little * I like it chunky so I do not smash it too much.

2. Add onion and chili powder

3. Stir while smashing some

4. Add tomatoes

5. Squeeze the lime juice over the top and gently mix it all together until you get it stirred well and the consistency the way you enjoy it!

6. Enjoy on the couch with tortilla chips or take and share with your bible study group!

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