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Storms That Bring Trust

I love a rainy day ☔️~ I have always loved a good storm~ just like trials it makes us stop, slow down and refocus. The past two days it has rained and stormed and I have embraced it will a long list of catching up to do. But with each storm it makes us choose what we will do with the rain?

Sometimes we play in the rain~ sometimes we watch the storm pass with all it’s furious lightning, wind, and thunder.<<<< difficult times come those two options are the best two because they help us find what our trust is in.<<<< n embrace the rain and dance as it soaks us and ruins our hair or we can be still and watch it pass by and it will do so with no effort from us.

Both maybe ugly~ but we have the choice to embrace.

What do you do in storms? What do you do in the storms of life?

May we not get tired of doing good but pursue righteousness in and out of storms.

Just remember in sunshine or rain, you are not alone and both will bring a refreshing goodness if you search for Him and seek His will in all circumstances.

On days I want to walk away and not pursue righteousness, it is His truth that has been hidden in my heart shines through, that I may not sin against God. It is God we are to not sin against. I rejoice that He is not finished with me yet, but He still, takes this sinner and guides my heart to His truths, not my made up lies that I want to carry out in my weakness.

Have you been there?<<< n trials, anger and revenge willow up in my mind ~ I am reminded that I would not want anyone to feel as I do. So let's be the ones that stop the anger, hurt or seeking to hurt others.

For I am weak just as you are, and in that weakness when He still guides my heart I am encouraged. Are you encouraged by seeing His strength in you?

I am reminded that seeking revenge in our anger, hurt or lack of understanding in any situtation is the creating of the very thing that your heart is broken over.
So I choose to trust by dancing in the rain or being still. Trusting God is the one that fights my battles~ I am to be faithful, by worshiping and obeying His commands. So find rest that God is Just and we are not and trust Him to bring good out of any storm.

All of this takes strength that is not our own and grace when we fail. When we walk in the ways of the world and not His word,  we need to allow grace to ourselves and one another this kindness and pray it leads to a humble repentance and a renewed trust In Jesus.

Allow Grace

Find Grace a Shelter in any storm that comes your way.

Hebrews 12 ~ Mark 9:50 ~ Psalm 19<<<< gt;


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