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The friend in you that loves

As I am not a big Valentines person, it does excite me whenever love is proclaimed. ~

Here is a thought for today about love ~

•If we are to not be “friends” with the world, but be called a friend of God’s, are we then not called to love at all times? And are not everyone who calls themselves a believer also a friend?

Let’s not be choosy with who we love but let God put in path and let’s choose to love.

•You can not be friends with both God and the world, your allegiance can only be for One.

Your love can not be divided. Because if you try, it will not be love that shines.

•So, as we think on love, let’s remember

•Love is patient ~ in affliction or disappointment

•Love is kind ~ no matter what justifies rudeness

•Love does not envy~ but rejoices with another over good gifts

•Love does not boast ~ in being right or better

•Love is not proud~ too proud to say “I am sorry”

•Love is not rude ~ any rudeness is not love

•Love is not self seeking ~ we do not love in order to gain but to give

•Love is not easily angered ~ anger will justify many a sins but it will not produce Love

•Love keeps no record of wrong~ in other words ~ love forgives without a lack of eagerness to do so.

•Loving others can be so hard but unless we look to Jesus who is Love we will never understand how to walk in Love.

I am learning still how to love my best friend. I am learning how to love my children and I am learning how to love the friends of God.

HaPpY Valentines Day, beloved friend! ❤️


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