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They are looking up to you!

We have a theory ~ train the oldest to be kind, courteous and pray they are brave enough to be when it really counts. We realize that this boy of ours that’s the oldest sets the standard for the rest of them. I know that’s a lot of pressure. But it’s how God intended the family to be. He knew we needed those older than us to look up to as we look up to the hills from where our help comes from. He also knew that there would be those around us looking up to us to encourage to choose Jesus with every little and big decision. Most of all God knows we need a love that gives grace when we fail and never walks away but instead fights for one another through the bond of brothers. ( I would add sisters also) The pressure is lightened when we realize this love is Christ in us, overflowing to others. So we try to lighten a load of our oldest by reminding him he is loved and he may not always be able to love as Jesus wants us to and that’s okay. It’s okay because that realization reminds us that we need Jesus and we can’t love well on our own. Beloved~ be steadfast and secure because others are looking up to you as they look for Jesus and their help. But know it is an easy yoke because it is Jesus who keeps us steadfast and secure. We must be humble to see His help and provisions. Jude 24 Psalm 121 1 Corth 15:58


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