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They Know His voice…

I always have loved this passage in John 10, Jesus is describing the Good Shepard. Every time I read it, it brings a comforting, and sometimes new, application to my life. (sometimes it may be the same lesson that I keep coming back to, as He is patience with me)

I want us to look at 3 things that this passage says to us.


  1. He calls His own sheep by name and leads them out.“ vs.3 Be encouraged that He~ Jesus ~knows your name and will lead you!  He as not left you but you, beloved one, you need ears to hear so you know His voice and He can lead you out of whatever darkness you find yourselves in.

  2. He goes ahead of them and they follow” vs.4 ~ Not only does He lead us but He goes before us!! I don’t know about you but this excites me in so many ways!! This is another way we find rest. Have you ever see the work of Gods’ hands in the middle of a situation? Where your eyebrow goes up and you think, “how did that just happen, only God could have done that?” I have just recently had one of those moments and someone said something that I was still processing in my head and it made me smile that only God could reveal that He was already at work in me AND before me! I am always thrilled to know that He goes before me and it makes following some much easier. There is a trust there where assurance and peace are found!

  3. “the sheep follow him because they know His voice” vs.4~ First the sheep(us, His disciples) hear His voice, we have ears that are eager to hear.  His sheep also KNOW his voice, why? Because His sheep spend hours with Him and see His heart and find trust in Him. His sheep have heard His voice before this moment. With time spent listening to Him speak and listening to His heart’s desire.

As I write this my boys are playing by the Christmas tree and watching football, enjoying themselves. My sweet husband is fixing his french toast. (isn’t he the best!) As I type away he simply says, “oh boys, come here” and they all run with excitement! Why did they run with excitement? Because they know his voice and they know he was preparing something good. Because they knew which way to go, they went quickly without hesitation! Was there some work for them to do when they got there, Yes! But they didn’t have to wonder what that was, for they knew the task at hand.

May we follow our Good Shepherds voice as excited children, knowing which direction and do the task He has prepared before us!

If it was a stranger’s voice, would they have gone in the same excitement and willingness? vs.5


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