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Rough Seas & Treasures of Value

Have you ever thought about sand? Like truly, thought...about sand?

A lot of times, we think about the negative qualities of sand like...Don’t build your house upon it... True, people shouldn’t but, what about sea turtles? It is perfect for them.

Some focus in on the way it gets everywhere. Well, if you find it later, maybe, choose to let it be a reminder of the memories you made upon it.

Sand looks different depending on where you are at. From far away you think you know what color it is… But, when you get up close to it, you see that it is truly made up of lots of different colors. It is like each little grain of sand is different. You see different sizes, different shapes but, they all make up this one big beach.

Truth of the matter is, sand was something

else at one point in time. Maybe it was a rock. Maybe it was a piece of coral reef that broke off in a storm. Maybe it was a beautiful conch shell or nautilus that living creatures took up residence in as it traveled the ocean floor. Maybe it was once the home to one of my favorites, the scallop, or the oyster. Maybe it was the creator and keeper of a pearl. Maybe it was a bottle that was cast into the ocean carelessly.… Just discarded by someone passing through...

No matter what it was before, it has become something different today.

Maybe it traveled through hurricanes, tropical storms, and/or rip currents. Maybe it was stepped upon and crushed into tiny pieces that continue to roll in the waves as they crash up on the shore.

Maybe it found it’s way into a child’s shell bucket and traveled down the beach to be dumped out right before the family had to leave to go home.

Well, now you see, these bits of once bigger things, got broken and tumbled around in the ocean.

When they were first broken, they probably had sharp edges that could cause damage to someone who encountered them. As they tumble in the surf and they travel in the waves they become smoother. The jagged edges soften.

Sometimes the broken glass evens turns into the treasure of sea glass and it finds a special place in someone’s home. There, it is a reminder of something rare. Something that is held onto as a prize, not trash to be discarded.

Through the journey, value was found. In the midst of the current, hope can be found. Through the storm, faith in new beginnings can be found. However, time is usually needed to wear the sharp edges down first.

When I look out onto the beach, I see sand a little differently. For you see, through my eyes, sand is like the hardwood floor to one of the most beautiful sanctuaries I have ever stepped foot into.

Sand moves in the wind and tends to show the presence of the Holy Spirit. The sand is soft, moldable, and it makes a perfect place to lay your towel as you find warmth and comfort in the light. It’s not too hard, accepts you as you are and seems to embrace you no matter what shape or state of mind you might be in.

As a mama, I gain yet another view of sand. I see the happiness that comes over my children’s faces as they step foot into the sand for the first time. The joy of being at the ocean… It is contagious.

When my toddler takes a tumble in the sand, the fall is not as tough on her little body. It is like the little, broken pieces help to break falls and some pieces tend to stick with her afterwards just because. Sounds like what church was intended to be to me. Broken people all together to form one place, where people fall short every day but, we stick together no matter how rough the waves are.

Those “broken” things that make up the sand have become just as important now as they were. They have been groomed into something great by the rough waters - something that gives joy to others.

The sand still provides home for so many sea creatures from mole crabs to Coquina clams. It provides dunes of refuge for wild horses.

The sand gives us foot prints which remind us of a well-known poem that states, when we are weak, He carries us.

The sand is used to be built into beautiful sandcastles for little girls’ dolls and mermaid tails for their dreaming imaginations. It would be hard to make such things out of rocks and jagged shells however, sand is the perfect medium for such creative architecture.

The sand makes walls that can be broken down and I think we all know there is a need for that in certain situations.

The sand is also always changing…Never the same and adjusts with the tide, is not stagnant. There are times in life when we too must be willing to do the same in order to work through change.

Ultimately, the sand reminds me that, no, storm’s rip currents, and broken pieces aren’t what we hope for in life.

We feel like we start off intended for one thing but, the longer we walk through our years the more we see that those storms and tumbles through waves help us work on our own jagged pieces.

The rough seas can indeed produce beautiful treasures of value.

Just walk through any beach store and look at the price on the sea glass. Notice that there is bottled up sand for sale. You will find battered up driftwood too. None of it is wasted. You can even break a sand dollar and find doves inside. You would never see that little treasure if it did not experience a break in the outer shell.

So, maybe your smooth seas haven’t been smooth at all. Maybe they are more like red flag ridden white caps and just plain rough. Maybe you’ve stumbled across rocky shores and the way you originally started on this path of life looks a lot different.

The next time you can, pick up a handful of sand and be reminded of the beauty in it.

There is beauty in you and each wave you face gives you more character, more lessons that you are able to teach others about and in my book, that makes you a treasure.

I also know that the Bible speaks of the value in the broken and that is worth a whole lot more than my view. Find truth in Matthew 5:3, Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Speaking of heaven, you can make some pretty great angel wings by using sand as your medium... 😉

Find faith in the waters. While He may not cause the storm; He will use pieces from it for good.

Look for His gifts of love through it. They come through all different things ...His creation, His word, His people, His creatures....

Thankful for this life & praying with you,



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