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Use Your Arms Baby Girl!

She took off running out into the great big baseball field where her “Bubbi” was playing. Her little body was moving as fast as it could. I’m sure she felt like she was flying. However, from a parental perspective, she was moving in a toddler style, an awkward stride in slow motion.

“Use your arms baby girl!” I encouraged from the bleachers. “Use your arms to help you run faster.”

She heard my voice without turning around. Instantly, her arms shot straight up into the air as she ran. She was so full of joy, giving it everything she had while trying to reach her destination. The sunlight was bouncing off her golden hair and giggling filled the air. She did not question my instruction. She heard her parent’s familiar voice and trusted.

She followed my instruction to the best of her ability. No, she did not get faster. She actually became more awkward in her run as her hands reached to the sky while her little legs tried even harder to propel her forward.

I felt so much happiness at seeing her listen to my guidance as she tried to figure this piece of life out. Her happiness in doing so brought a smile to my face.

This simple act of running became a picture of God’s love through two-year-old teachings.

Isn’t He the one sitting in the bleachers watching us run towards our goals? Doesn’t He offer advice through His voice?

The real question is are we familiar with His voice and able to trust enough to follow? If so, are we doing it with a contagious spirit?

Do we find joy even in the tiny acts He asks us to do like running an extra ball out to our brother on the field nearby?

As we listen and take off running, we don’t always get it right...Sometimes we miss His communication, or we get one piece right and mix up the other. We take off towards the goal with our hands awkwardly up in the air rather than using them to provide more momentum. We actually slow His process down sometimes.

Do we think the Father frowns upon that, or does He sit and smile at our attempts to follow His voice?

Let’s think it through, OK, yes, we mess up.... but, are we doing our best with a smile and thankfulness because we had the ability to hear Him speak?

I believe, if we are, we will resemble the two-year-old giggly girl running with her hands reaching the sky and God will still smile upon our efforts.

It’s ultimately the joy and the light we allow to reflect off us that matters the most, not the perfect completion of a task...

So today...Let’s thank Him!

Maybe, with His patient teaching, we too will learn to utilize our arms to propel us forward into the plans He has laid for us.

Father, Thank you for being patient with our attempts to follow. May you enable the light to reflect off us as we move forward. May you have mercy on our awkwardness and might we hear you say...Yes, my child.... Let the children come to me....~Amen


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