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Warm Hugs...

His 12 year old, determined self went out the front door off into a winter wonderland of sparkly white snow. He worked while she busied her 3 year old self inside with baby dolls and a tea set, warm by the fire.

The next thing I know, the door flings open and he steps back inside inside saying “Stella! Stella! Olaf is here!!!! C’mon!!!” He scooped her tiny body up, sock feet and all.

Out the door he carried her to see his hand made creation, a snowman standing tall, glittery as the light reflected off of him.

She squealed and cried out “Bubba!!!!!!! I see Oooolaf!!!!! I think he needs warm hugs!!!!”

I stood and watched the joy on both their faces and I thought to myself what a lesson in these moments.

Doesn’t our God create masterpieces for us daily? Oh how he scoops us up into his arms and carries us to them to say say look...I made you a prize!!! Are we excited to welcome it with “warm hugs” or are we

so busy we miss the masterpiece?

Goodness we have a generous creator! Let us thank Him for his magnificent works!

Dear God,

Thank you for today, for time with children, for being a God who is present in our world with us. Thank you for the gifts you create and send for us. Thank you for carrying us to them at times. Help us to have eyes that look for your blessings and a heart ready to receive them. We love you.


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