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Who’s Your “Mickey”?

Rush out the door. Grab book bags, lunch boxes, sports bags, one kid, two kid, three, ok let’s go!  Off to school!!! 

Now, as we are all confined, let's dim the music and pray for our school, for our friends, and for our families before the kids jump out of the vehicle and enter into the world of classes, social lives, and sports.

So, I begin the process with the same daily question, "Who or what would you like to pray for today?" 

"MICKEY!!!!" She squealed at the top of her three year old lungs - as she does each day when this question is asked.  Always remembering Mickey.

As the prayer requests from the other children came in I asked who would like to say the prayer this morning. My nine year old piped in.  "ME!!! ME!!!!  ME!!!!" 

So, she went through the voiced concerns of her siblings; "Lord, I pray for Mickey ~ that he would make kids smile and make them laugh ~that he would be safe..."

My three year old interrupted with sheer joy as she squealed again with a huge smile on her face...."SISSA pray for MY MICKEY!!!!!!!  She pray for MY MICKEY, Mommy!!!!" 

"Yes, sweet girl, she did."   

As my older daughter finished her prayer I continued driving them to school with another "toddler teaching" laid upon my heart. 

Have we ever thought about how it might make another person feel when we voice their concerns out loud in prayer?

We have prayed for Mickey many, many times but, for some reason my three year old understood and heard his concern being lifted up today. 

She heard the prayers of her heart being voiced by someone who she loves and adores.  

She realized, for the first time, her concern was heard and was taken to God by her big sister. 

As sisters and brothers in Christ, are we aware we have the ability to give joy to another in this way. We carry this gift and can share it with others.  It only takes a minute or two. 

Who knows, maybe today is the day that someone you know needs to hear that their "Mickey" is being prayed for. 

Maybe today is the day you need to hear your "Mickey" is being prayed for.  

These few minutes with my children challenged me to revisit the truth I already knew. 

I was reminded that stopping to pray with another can mean so much more than we ever realized. Because, at that point, we are inviting God into the situation. When we invite Him in anything becomes a possibility and it all goes far beyond our comprehension. 

Prayer, what a gift to give to another...

The Salty Sweet Team would love to pray for your concerns. To lift up the names of those that are precious to you!  Just comment below, if would you like, or send us a private message.  If there is a name or a concern on your heart that you are comfortable sharing we would love to be with you in that  ~ hand in hand as we walk closer to the cross.

Dear God,

Thank you for the sweet voices of our children who you use to teach us adults so very often. Thank you for the ability to be in conversation with you, the Father of the World, whenever we choose to, no matter the day or the time. Help us to remember to stop and listen to our loved ones and friends. Help us to remember to carry them to you. We love you.




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