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Moving Mountains Imperfectly


Sometimes we can’t move mountains for others because we think faith has to look perfect.

Grace~ hope in the unseen is a matter of the heart through trust in a perfect God.

Truth~Faith comes easier without the distractions of perfection.

Too many times we think, and are more concerned with, how things should look rather than living, walking, risking it all on the altar by faith.

Jesus looked nothing like the Pharisees thought He would and yet He changed the world through the forgiveness of the imperfect people.

Faith can move mountains 🏔️

I truly believe this to be true and as I have seen it done it has always been through unconventional ways by humble people who walk by radical faith.

What mountains are you hoping to move?

Are you waiting for the perfect situation to come about before you put your faith in the God who saves?

Are you choosing to wait to see what happens before you put your faith in God?

Are you wanting to get a few things right before you step out in faith?

What is it that you want to have faith in that God will move in and through?

What are you waiting for?

Life will never be perfect enough for you to take a leap of Faith with intentionally making the heartfelt choice to walk by Faith not by sight.

I believe Jesus was sharing this in His sermon on the mount.

The blessed are the ….

Matt 5

With every acknowledgment of the struggles of life He gives a promise to those who mourn, who are persecuted, who are meek, who are gentle, who are pure.

I believe Jesus knew that those who would intentionally choose to walk the path of mourning, meekness, of persecution, would be doing so by faith and He gives light to what’s on the other side of that mountain.

The kingdom of God to be inherited, they will see God, they will be comforted.

These are the blessings, beloved that faith allows you to take part in while you face all types of trials and tribulations, Mountains, I would say.

Sometimes, I think He is giving us hope in the unseen as if we are looking from His point-of-view from above the mountain we are facing in front of us.

He is offering hope that faith can lean on in hard times.

Nothing about trials and tribulations says perfection.

It says the opposite.

They remind us that this world is not as it should be but we have the power to overcome this evil world through faith. Where we receive grace.

Choose today to walk by faith and may your mountains not seem so big and may you help others climb 🧗‍♀️ mountains they have to face with love through the fullness grace and truth found in Jesus.




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