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Companionships that go beyond just friendship, let’s be Sisters

Beloved, sister in Christ Jesus our Lord ~

We are sister in Christ.

We are sister warriors. Eph 6

Being friends is just a beautiful benefit of the unity found in the Spirit.

🛑 Stop weaponizing friendship when you disagree with a sister in Christ. Or making it an elite club.

She is not there to be the type of friend you think you want and one who bends to your every demand.

• She is there to sharpen you, love you, and encourage you to grow. 🌱 🪴

That will not always feel like a cozy friendship but it will be the best type of friendship if you allow it.

If you don’t ~ she’s still your sister in Christ Jesus our Lord and you will spend eternity together. So get use to her beauty and know it’s for your good and adds to the kingdom of God, the family of God. That’s how amazing our great God is!

Always remember, she is a companion to those who fear the Lord. Those who walk humbly. Pride will destroy that companionship but never the bond of being in the family of God.

She is a companion because the common goal is to be as Christ through keeping His precepts/commandments. It will always take humility to love God with all Our hearts, souls, and minds.

Embrace the gift of godliness found in others and let it sharpen you, let it show you unconditional love, and encourage you to be courageous in the faith. We all need that in our lives sometimes!

Remember it may be imperfect and that’s why humbleness and a willingness to do it Gods way through grace abundantly is a necessity to see this as a blessing from the Father.

Those who reject it see it as a burden because of an unwillingness to bend. Instead they break apart. And never see it’s heavenly value.

Lean into this type of companionship instead of comparing.

The family of God led by the Spirit is something beautiful to behold.

Fight for it.

It’s worth it.




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